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Just Stand Up












Nick Vujichic-click here to learn more

A gift from the Heavens: A smile in the sky.




Thank you to for the above beautifully illustrated video story.



Jody Bergsma's art brings the spirit of Nature thoughtfully and beautifully to life! Jody posted her lovely peacock drawing on Facebook along with the William Arthur Ward quote, and I was so moved by the colors and composition of her painting and by words I have always found to be true that with Jody's kind permission, I overlaid Mr. Ward's statement on her art to share with you. 

Click here to visit Jody's gallery: 




Brother David Steindl Rast opens our eyes and moves our hearts and minds to Gratefulness.



Let the scenes in this inspiring video and the exquisite voice of Singh Kaur open your heart and increase your capacity to give and receive love.
"O Lover come, reach within..."  Thank you to who ask that this video be shared with others as we all work to heal the world by increasing more of our essential and loving nature.  They recommend that after watching this, you enjoy every day and watch for positive changes in your life, in unexpected ways.


“Relaxation is a technique through which you can catch a glimpse of your real nature,
the inifinite power source of your existence.”~Amma 





Lucinda Drayton- BLISS





Uplifting, lovely Bob Marley tune sung joyfully by the angelic 7 year old Connie Talbot.
Chorus: “Don't worry about a thing, ‘cause every little thing is gonna be alright!”






The delightful video above with its positive affirmations and catchy tune was created by my friend Linda Lovejoy.   Designed to assist in accepting prosperity, the video uses techniques from NLP and the Law of Attraction. “Every time, I open my heart, I receive all that I need. Knowing that God is my source, I relax and let it flow.  Money is coming to me easily and effortlessly!”



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