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Ayleyaell A. Kinder, CST
Now living in the Portland, Oregon-Vancouver, Washington State area.
Contact me if you are interested in having me travel to you.

E-mail: [email protected]  

Cell: 503/912/9330
San Diego: 619/ 992-9902

Skype Name: ALightkin
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Hours by Appointment only


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I offer three kinds of SHEN Therapy experiences:
                                                                    Click on the links below for further description of each:
1. Individual Therapeutic SHEN
2. Relaxation/Rejuvenation SHEN
3. Personal Intensives and Mini-Intensive SHEN 
2. Relaxation/Rejuvenation SHEN
3. Personal Intensives and Mini-Intensive SHEN 

Cancellation Policy: 

If it is necessary for you to reschedule or cancel your session, please notify me by phone or text (503-912-9330) at least 24 hours prior to  your scheduled appointment. Cancellations or no-shows with less than 24 hours notice are subject to the full fee for your session.


SHEN Therapy Fees

Please Note: The fee for your FIRST session of SHEN Therapy is $150.  A first session includes a pre-session phone interview and a review of your paperwork. During your first in-person appointment, we will clarify your history and your goals. You will receive an orientation to SHEN therapy and your first table session. First in-person appointments are 90 minutes, occasionally longer.

SHEN Therapy sessions may be scheduled for 60 minutes, 90 minutes, or 2 hours. 

 One hour
 90 minutes
 2 hours

 Additional fees apply if I am traveling to you.

Each session is personalized to your needs. The effects of SHEN sessions are cumulative. Several SHEN Therapy sessions are usually required to reach and release deeply buried material.   For some, 1 to 3 sessions are effective, for most, 5 to 10 sessions will transform the issue. Those with a long history of severe trauma or abuse usually find that more sessions are called for.  

SHEN Therapy Series:  

Series of 3  1 hour sessions - 60 min each - $300 pre-paid. (savings of $75)
Series of 10 1 hr sessions - $900 prepaid or over 2 payments. (savings of $100)
All prepaid sessions need to be taken within 6 months of the first.
  • All pre-paid sessions must be taken in my office, otherwise my travel expenses are added to the session fee. 
  • Each additional 30 minutes $25 per session
  • Sessions in a package may be gifted to another. A relaxation or rejuvenation session may be gifted at any time. A gifted therapeutic SHEN session or series is subject to my approval that SHEN is appropriate for the Giftee.    
If your Giftee is a first time client for a therapeutic SHEN session or series, this will require an additional $45 plus a filled out client history and permission forms by your Giftee and a pre-session phone or in person interview to determine whether therapeutic SHEN is appropriate at this time. If not, you may substitute a relaxation or rejuvenation session.

SHEN  Therapy  Intensive:  $850, which includes 8 to 10 hours of SHEN Therapy and all SOQi, Chi machine and E-power treatments during the intensive.  If you choose to have a Reconnection with your SHEN Intensive, I offer $150 off the SHEN Intensive, for a total of $1033 for both.  The Reconnection given by itself (universal fixed fee) is $333.  Reconnection information



I offer flower essence consultations over the phone or in person on a sliding scale of $65 to $95 a session to assemble the perfect flower support for you.  A personalized formula, potentized in co-creation, is $15 per one ounce bottle plus $6.00 shipping USPS (for up to two bottles) shipping.



45 minutes of Heavenly hands-on session designed for stress relief, for profound relaxation and to promote a deep sense of well being, followed by a quarter of an hour of blissful expansion generated by the healing energies of the magnificent and angel blessed FIR dome.

Fee: $95 for the hour session    SPECIAL – 2 for $75 each !  Both for you, or Take one, Share one.



The Reconnection™ is a 2 session process, one session a day for two (consecutive) days, with a sleep in between.   The Reconnection needs to be done only ONCE in a lifetime. $333 fixed rate.

Reconnective Healing™  Healing on all levels and frequencies.  A series of 3 sessions are recommended, usually, but not always, given on 3 consecutive days.  Fee $100 per session, or $250 for a series of 3 sessions.



The universal fixed fee to receive The Reconnection is $333. If you have a SHEN Intensive followed by a Reconnection, I offer a special rate for receiving both --$100 savings off the Intensive, total $1033.



Add an E-Power or FIR treatment:  $1 minute/ $30 half hour  E-Power info

Add a Chi Machine treatment:  $10   Chi Machine info


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